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Celebration of CCKsians’ Good Performance in 2020 GCE O-Level Examinations 

Congratulations and applause to our Sec 4 Express and 5 NA students who have performed well in their 

2020 GCE O-Level Examinations 

CCKsians who exemplify our school motto of ‘Serve Grow Excel’  

  1. Chin Jing Ying  (Class 4-6)
  2. Aamir Raj M (Class 4-7)
  3. Lee Le Yao (Class 4-7)
  4. Lee Xin Yang (Class 4-6)
  5. Lim Jing Wen, Shanice (Class 4-6)

We are proud of our 2020 Sec 4&5 CCKsians!

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Stories of exemplary students who role model our school’s motto of

Serve. Grow. Excel

SERVE - CCKSS’ All Rounder

Lim Jing Wen, Shanice
Sec 4-6 (Sec 4 Express)

lim jing wen Shanice.jpg

Shanice Lim exemplified many of the values we wish every CCKsian to embody. As a learner, she was self-directed, receptive to feedback, and engaged in reflection and introspection to improve her studies. As a student leader, she was humble and showed in her actions what it meant to serve. 

Shanice cared for the less fortunate and did her part for the school and wider community. As a member of the school Green Club, she helped to raise awareness on the importance of sustainable practices to protect our environment. Shanice also participated in the Eco Skit Competition for the Green School Awards in 2018 and 2019 that aimed to promote environment friendly practices. 

Shanice participated enthusiastically in the school’s old newspaper and clothing collection exercise, and took the initiative to help organise her class efforts to do so. She was also involved in putting up a skit for one of the PCF Sparkletots to educate the young children there about keeping the environment litter-free. In addition, Shanice helped out at the Chua Chu Kang Community Club Bursary Ceremony, as a volunteer. Last year, her class, Secondary 4/6, undertook efforts, out of their own initiative, to show appreciation to healthcare workers who were battling the COVID-19 situation. Shanice took an active role in this effort, and together, the class made mask extenders and appreciation cards for our healthcare workers. Shanice served a total of 136 hours from 2017 to 2020 in service to the school and larger community. 

Shanice was a dedicated Prefect and served in the Executive Committee of the Prefectorial Board. She discharged her roles and responsibilities dutifully. She could always be depended upon to serve the school in school activities such as during the Prefects’ camps, Teachers’ Day Celebration, Open House, National Day Celebration, Student Leaders’ Forum, Student Dialogue Session and during Secondary 1 Registration.

Shanice carried herself with proper decorum and sought to role model the school values. In recognition of her exemplary character, her humility and her desire to serve and contribute, Shanice received the Edusave Character Award in 2019. We are proud of Shanice and we wish her well in her future undertakings.


Lee Xin Yang
Sec 4-6 (Sec 4 Express) 

Lee Xin Yang.jpg


When Xin Yang was appointed Chairman of the Chinese Orchestra in 2019, he found it formidable at first. “Being the Chairman really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I had to learn to communicate proficiently, and present my message loud and clear.” 

He worked hard at it and succeeded in developing his communication skills. His teacher affirmed that he was able to give clear instructions during training sessions and was often seen coaching his juniors. This experience in leadership was focal to his growth. “It has developed me holistically as a person, able to carry out (my) many responsibilities,” he added.

It is through challenges that we grow and Xin Yang took advantage of the opportunities CCKS provided. He attended an outdoor adventure camp conducted by Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) and went to Xi'an, China, on the school's Trips for International Experience (TIE) programme. He was selected to be the student leader on that trip and saw to the well-being of his group members.

Xin Yang has a keen interest in music. He was an active and dedicated member of the Chinese Orchestra, achieving an Excellent grade for his CCA. He continued to hone his musical skills beyond the school and was awarded the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) Level 2 Certificate in Grade 5 of Music theory as well as in Violin. 

This determination to pursue his passion underlay his success. Undaunted by setbacks during the preliminary examination, he applied the skills and disposition he acquired as a student leader to his studies and had cause to celebrate when he received his O-level result. 

When asked for a quote to sum up his success, Xin Yang replied cheekily, “No mud, no lotus.”

EXCEL – Story of Personal Excellence 

Lee Le Yao
Sec 4-7 (Sec 4 Express) 

Lee Le Yao.jpg

Le Yao is not your typical quiet female student. In fact, throughout her four years in CCKSS, she verbalised her thoughts confidently with her schoolmates and teachers. She contributed her ideas and expressed herself clearly during class presentations and group discussions. She will also not hesitate to approach her teachers to clarify any doubts she might have after curriculum hours.  

Le Yao was strong in her Higher Mother Tongue Language and Biology. In 2019, She was the top student for both Higher Mother Tongue and Biology for Sec 3 Express Course. She participated in a few academic and creativity competitions such as the International Biomedical Quiz in 2020, Xin Lei National Writing Competition and National Create Your Own Newspaper Competition organised by ZBschools in 2018 and 2019 respectively. In 2020, she also participated in National Chinese Challenge. All these experiences serve to continually affirm her that she is academically strong and highly creative.

Le Yao’s creativity was also unleashed through her active participation in the school's Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in robotics and automation. She was enthusiastic about exploring and learning new things. She was able to work well with others in her group and refine her ideas when given feedback. For completing the Tier 1 - Level 2 ALP Programme, she received the Young Engineer Silver Award by Singapore Polytechnic in 2018.

It is no surprise that Le Yao naturally gravitated towards arguably the most creative CCA in school, the Art Club. As a club member, she was regular in her attendance, participated in the activities diligently. She helped out in the school's 25th anniversary mural drawing in 2018. In 2020, she also participated in a few art competitions such as Live on Design Competition organised by National Organ Transplant Unit, Draw My Stamp Competition organised by Singapore Philatelic Museum and SYF arts. 

Le Yao had a heart for the community and participated actively in various Values-in-Action projects. In 2019, as part of a self-initiated class effort, she helped to coordinate and organise an interaction session with the elderly at the Lions Befrienders Singapore. The elderly enjoyed the programme planned and the visit to Lions Befrienders was a success. In 2020, she also volunteered her time to help out at the Chinese New Year Celebration at the Willing Hearts and United Medicare Centre. 

Le Yao has definitely left a legacy in her CCA which will serve to inspire her juniors.

EXCEL – Story of Personal Excellence 

Aamir Raj M. Kimura Singh
Sec 4-7 (Sec 4 Express) 

Aamir Raj.jpg

Aamir is a highly intelligent and dependable student who took great pride in his work. All his teachers agree that he was eager to learn and had great perseverance. During his years in CCKSS, Aamir set challenging goals for himself that he strived to achieve. His assignments were done to the best of his ability and submitted punctually. Aamir had earned the trust and respect of his classmates and peers with the way he treated his studies and his work ethic. 

Aamir was a gracious and caring student. He readily lent a listening ear whenever his peers were in need. Despite his strong academic achievements, he was always humble and showed a willingness to continue to improve. He participated actively in class discussions and was eager to share his valuable input. Due to his helpful and humble nature, many of his classmates consulted him on their work on a regular basis.

Aamir has an analytical mind and the ability to think and reason well. He was excellent in his academics and achieved Top in English Language and History in 2017, and Top in Elementary Mathematics, Chemistry and Combined Humanities (Social Studies, Geography) in 2019. He also achieved the 1st in Standard and the Edusave Scholarship for three consecutive years from 2017 to 2019. Aamir also had a flair for linguistics and achieved the Third in Position for the 2017 Punjabi Language Examination (Khalsa Centre).

It is definitely not all work and no play for Aamir. He was a member of the school’s Football team. He had a strong drive to achieve his goals and took pride in representing the school in the inter-school football tournaments from 2018 to 2020. The school was the First Team Placing in the ‘C’ Division Inter-School West Zone Tournament in 2018 and the Fourth Team Placing in the ‘B’ Division Inter-School West Zone Tournament in 2019. For his active participation and dedication, Aamir achieved an Excellent grade for his co-curricular activities. 

Aamir served as the Vice-Captain of the Football team in 2020. As a student leader, he was dependable and displayed a strong ability to relate well with others. He was able to give clear instructions during training sessions and provided guidance for his team during the games. Furthermore, he was positive and motivated, often demonstrating vitality and enthusiasm as he went about his duties and responsibilities. 

Aamir possessed qualities that will stand him in good stead in the future. He will continue to excel in his studies and be a great asset to any organisation he joins.