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Celebration of CCKSians' Good Performance in 2019 GCE N-Level Examinations

Congratulations and applause to our Sec 4NA and 4NT students who have 
performed well in their 2019 GCE N-Level Examinations. 

Cohort Performance@ a Glance 
        • 84.6% eligible for promotion to Sec 5 N(A)
(National Average is 76.6%)
        • 100% of  Sec 4 Normal (Technical) is eligible for ITE

Sec 4NA CCKsians who exemplify our school value of ‘Striving to Excel’ 
(ELMAB3 – 5 to 10 points)
        1. Calvin Ooi Jhia Jhie (Class 43)
        2. Nur Syazwani Bte Rosli (Class 42)
        3. Yeo Xuan Qi Ashley (Class 43)
        4. Tan Chi Yang (Class 42)
        5. Samuel Tan (Class 43)
        6. Sean Phua Boen (Class 43)

Sec 4NT CCKsians who exemplify our school value of ‘Striving to Excel’ 
(EMB1 3 – 5 pts)
        1. Muhamad Izzad B Ismail (Class 41)
        2. Soo Wei Jun (Class 41)
        3. Lee Ji An (Class 41)
        4. Syed Mohd Khairulazizi (Class 41)
        5. H’ng Hui En (Class 41)
        6. Deevaashini D/O Srikumar (Class 41)
        7. Ong Zi Rong (Class 41)

Sec 4NA CCKsians who exemplify our school value of ‘Striving to Grow’. 
Remarkable improvement in their National Exams results compared to their Prelims.
        1. Muhammad Ryo Azfar (Class 42)
        2. Tai Jia Xin Alice (Class 42)
        3. Tan Ye Kai, Kevin (Class 42)

Sec 4NT CCKsians who exemplify our school value of ‘Striving to Grow’ 
Remarkable improvement in their National Exams results compared to their Prelims.
        1. Muhammad Nurhakeem B Hairis S (Class 41)
        2. Rezky Ruhzaime B Juraime (Class 41)

Sec 4NA All-Rounder who exemplifies our school value of ‘Striving to Serve’ 
        1. Nur Syazwani Bte Rosli

Sec 4NT All-Rounder who exemplifies our school value of ‘Striving to Serve’
        1. Syed Mohd Khairulazizi

We are proud of our Sec 4NA and 4NT CCKsians!



Stories of exemplary students who role model our school’s motto of Serve. Grow. Excel 

SERVE - CCKSS’ All Rounder

Syed Mohd Khairulazizi B S M H
Sec 4-1 (Sec 4 Normal Technical) 

Khairulazizi grew up in a single-parent family since he was thirteen. He faced financial hardship due to family circumstances, but with discipline and determination, sought to make ends meet with the pocket money that he received. A sensible young man who understood the difficulties his mother had to go through, he often paid for school-related expenses out of his own pocket money, and when this meant going hungry at times, Khairulazizi wasn’t one to complain. 

Despite these personal struggles, Khairulazizi demonstrated strong motivation and commitment to achieve success in his studies and CCA as well as being a good role model to his peers.  He was a recipient of the Edusave Character Award in 2016, 2017 and 2019 and the Edusave Scholarship award in 2016, 2017 and 2018, bearing testimony to this young’s man’s effort and strong personal attributes.  

Khairulazizi is an avid sportsman. He was Captain of the school’s Sepak Takraw team and steered his team confidently in many inter-school competitions. The team he led was second runner-up in the 2019 National Sepak Takraw ‘B’ Division Championship. Khairulazizi also represented Singapore in the 2019 ASEAN School Games for Sepak Takraw. 

A smooth sea never made a good sailor. Khairulazizi was able to rise above his circumstances and drew on his resilience to help his classmates stay focused during their preparations for the GCE N-Level Examination through constant encouragement, reminders and personal role modelling. He even called them in the mornings of their examination to make sure that his classmates arrive on time for the exam. 

When interviewed, this humble young man had this to say: ‘You don’t have to blow your own trumpet and tell others how hard you have worked. Work hard, quietly, and let your own success speak for itself. My mum, my dad and my teachers are really my pillars of strength.” 

Khairulazizi is an inspiration to many. He is a role model who exemplifies our school motto of ‘Serve Grow Excel’. We congratulate him on his strong performance in the N-Level Examination and wish him our best in his future endeavours. 

EXCEL – Story of Personal Excellence 

Calvin Ooi Jhia Jhie 
Sec 4-2 (Sec 4 Normal Academic) 

Calvin Ooi Jhia Jhie is one resilient, young person. 

Calvin was from the Normal Technical Course. Being the optimistic person that he is, he never felt he was lacking in any way. On the contrary, he set his sight on going to the Normal Academic Course, buckled down to hard work and realised his goal three years later. At the end of Secondary 3, Calvin topped his class and made it to the Normal Academic Course. Despite being new to a more demanding curriculum, Calvin held on to his belief that hard work is key to any kind of success, coped very well, and was top in Science in the Normal Academic Course. 

But it wasn’t all just about work. Calvin knows how to have fun too. Not only was he active in his CCA, the Saint John Brigade, which by the way, has been garnering the Gold Award for the last 15 years, Calvin loves music and has a keen interest in Beatboxing, an art of mimicking drum machines, and, boy, can he really wow the audience when he performs! Calvin was a familiar figure in our very own annual ‘CCKSS Have Talent Competition’ and was unanimously voted by judges and the audience as the best performer, winning first position in the Individual Category for the competition in 2018, and was also first in this year’s competition, in the Group Category.  

As a person, Calvin is warm, helpful and well-liked. He is a filial son and a doting elder brother to his younger brother, who is much younger than him. Teachers and classmates too see determination in this young man and hold him in high regard. 

“I thank my teachers who taught me when I was in the Normal Technical Course. They were always encouraging and they believed that all of us will define our own successes one day,” said Calvin. 

Never one who is afraid of hard work and one who embraces life with optimism, it is no surprise that Calvin has done well in this year’s N-Level Examination. We congratulate him on a well-deserved set of results and wish him well in his undertakings in the future.

EXCEL – Story of Personal Excellence 

Nur Syazwani Bte Rosli
Sec 4-2 (Sec 4 Normal Academic) 

Right from the start, Syazwani Bte Rosli knew that there was no short cut to success. This is one young lady who knew what she wanted, and strived to excel right from the word ‘Go’. Focused, determined and one who thrived under pressure, Syazwani set clear academic goals for herself and was relentless in the pursuit her goals. Nur Syazwani Bte Rosli is our top student from the Normal Academic Course.

Syazwani speaks well, carries herself with poise and decorum, has a strong sense of duty and is always helpful and humble. You could always turn to her when you need a helping hand and help she would. Syazwani was the recipient of the school's Students That Achieve - Recognition (S.T.A.R.) Award, which gave recognition to students with positive behaviours aligned to the school values. She was also a recipient of the Edusave Character Award, bearing testimony to her strong personal attributes. 

So it is no wonder that Syazwani is well-liked – many of her classmates and CCA mates look up to her. Syazwani was class monitor and Assistant Vice-Captain of the school Floorball team. Yet this level-headed young lady kept her feet firmly planted on the ground. As a student leader and a more seasoned player, she often guided her juniors in the team.

Syazwani is quite the performer too. She loves music. Both Syazwani and Calvin (mentioned above), won first in the Group Category in our ‘CCKSS Have Talent Competition’ this year!

Said Syazwani: ‘I am very thankful for my teachers and classmates who have always been supportive. I had countless opportunities given to me in CCKSS to serve and to lead, and for that I am deeply appreciative.”

Her labour bore sweet fruits today. We wish Syazwani all the best in the future!