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1. The academic performance of students is assessed regularly to gauge their progress and to provide feedback relevant to their development.

2. School-based assessments will be adjusted from this year to nurture intrinsic motivation of students and to ensure their well-being with a well-balanced approach to their development.

3. There will be no Mid-Year Examination for Secondary 1 and Secondary 3 students in 2019.  For all levels, there will be only 1 Weighted Assessment (WA) per subject, per school term, in addition to Mid-Year Examination (for Secondary 2, Secondary 4 and Secondary 5 levels) and End-of-Year Examination (for all).

4. The assessment includes the following:
      • Weighted Assessments (WA) (class assignments, projects, class tests and portfolio)
      • Semestral Assessments (SA)

5. Semestral Assessments are conducted twice a year, namely the First Semestral Examination (Mid-Year) and the Second Semestral Examination (End of Year).

6. The weightage of WA and SA in the Overall Combined Score is as follows:


7. The promotion of a student to the next higher level is determined by the Overall Combined Scores and performance in the various subjects aligned to the Promotion Criteria for that grade level and course of study

Reporting of Assessment Results 
8. At the end of Term 1 and 3, students receive their Progress Reports, which reflect their academic performance for those terms respectively. 

9. After the First Semestral Examination, students receive their Report Books, which reflect their Weighted Assessments for the semester, Semestral Assessments and Combined Scores.

10. After the Second Semestral Examination, students receive the Holistic Development Profile, which reflects their academic achievements, CCA achievements, personal qualities etc.

11. Parents are required to sign on the Progress Reports and Report Books and return them to the Form Teacher through their child.

Absence From Continual Assessment and Semestral Assessment
12. Absence from WA or SA, without a valid reason, would result in the student being awarded zero mark for the subject(s) for which he/she was absent. A medical certificate presented must explicitly indicate that the student concerned is unfit for examination. Acceptance of reason for absence based on letter from parents will be decided on a case-by-case basis and is normally for exceptional situations.

13. However, if the absence is supported by a medical certificate or valid reason, the computation of the score for the subject, towards the overall WA or SA score, would be computed relative to a cluster of student with similar ability as the student concerned.