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Student Management

HOD / Student ManagementMr David Leong Weng Wai
Year HeadMs Nur Janna Othman (Secondary 1 and 2)
Mr Charles Hong (Secondary 3, 4 and 5)
Ms Shantini D/O Odayappan (Secondary 4 and 5)
Subject Head / Student LeadershipMr Lin Weiquan

Department Vision

A conducive school environment where CCKSians practice self-discipline.

Department Mission

The Department of Student Development helps students to develop their moral faculties and their character through the inculcation of sound values.


Discipline is the process of developing our students’ moral faculties, in accordance to established rules. It is an educative process. The goal of discipline is self-discipline.

Development of moral faculties

Put in place programmes with the following key features:
      • Promote cooperation and communication among the staff and students
      • Involve staff and students in school improvements
      • Clarifies and communicates norms about behaviours (includes school rules and mechanisms for the enforcement)
      • Teach components of good character
      • Develop students' social emotional competencies
The development is via:
      • Explicit teaching - OEL, PC, SEL workshops, Assembly Talks
      • Platforms to demonstrate and role model - student-led activities, CIP projects, student leadership opportunities, level camps, project work, students hosting visiting delegates (twinning programmes)

Key Steps in Discipline Process  



School environment that is conducive to good student behaviour
Clarity of staff in role of discipline
Clear system of obtaining emotional support for staff and students


Explicit teaching of components of good character, leadership skills and SEL
Ensure quality of lesson delivery and teaching
Clear rules and consequences


Providing opportunities for demonstrate and practice of good behaviour


Use of Restorative Practices