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Subject Head / Science  Mr Lau Chee Wee, David
Subject Head / Science Mdm Fiona Tay
Senior Teacher Mdm Goi Geok San
Teacher Mdm Rosnah Bte Mustaffa
Mdm Asmahan Bte Aman
Mr Neal Warren Cooke
Ms Lim Ciu Fung
Ms Tan Kee Sing
Mdm Yasmeen Aysha
Mdm Kee Mei Zhu
Ms Nurul Izzati Bte Nizamudin
Mr Wong Wendell
Mr Pooi Ming Shurn, Benjamin
Mr Wong Zhi Hao
Mdm Normala Bte Alias
 Lab Technician Mr Tan Gek Kuan
Ms Siti Shaimah Bte Samat

Department Vision

Lifelong Inquisitive Learners of Science

Department Focus

    a.    Achieve academic excellence in Science.
    b.    Equip students with Science process skills.
    c.    Inculcate in students a sense of inquiry and curiosity.  

We believe in providing opportunities for our students to develop 21st Century Skills such as collaboration, investigative and ICT skills, to nurture them to become self-directed and self-motivated learners. We aim to provide and involve every student with an inspiring and varied experience in the learning of Science. Our objectives are to help our students develop a strong sense of curiosity in the subject, make sense of, appreciate and apply Science in their daily lives. We believe students have the ability to excel in Science.

Through inquiry-based lessons and activities and a student centred approach that encourage students to learn and work independently in teams or individually, students develop scientific process skills such as logical planning and the ability to handle scientific materials and apparatus with confidence. Opportunities are also given to students to participate in projects and/or competitions where they can to improve or apply their knowledge and skills.

Department Structure and Subjects Offered

Level Subjects
Lower Secondary Science Syllabus T
Science NA / E
Upper Secondary Science Syllabus T
Science (Physics / Chemistry) Science (Chemistry / Biology) Physics


UNSW International Competitions and Assessments for Schools 2014 (Lower Secondary)
Achieved 1 High Distinction, 7 Distinctions and 41 Credits
Australia Big Science Competition 2014
Achieved 1 High Distinction, 4 Distinctions and 8 Credits
Shell Singapore Science Youth Fiesta (Biennial)
2014 (Lower Secondary Only): All 3 teams were selected for Round 2 and exhibited their projects at SSYF 2014 Project Showcase at Singapore Science Centre.
2012: 7 teams were selected for Round 2 to exhibit their project at the SYF 2012 Project Showcase. Upper Secondary Team won Gold Award and Most Innovative award for the project titled 'Hair as a Bio-fuel'.
Indoor Solar Racer 2014 by Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Achieved 1st Prize
Electrifying Connections 2014 by Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Achieved Merit Award
Panasonic-NEA ‘Eco-ideas’ Challenge Competition 2014
1 project proposal selected for Final Round
Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad 2013
Achieved Merit certificate with 3 students obtaining Bronze Award
PET Rocket Challenge organised by BPGHS (18 October 2013)
Achieved Second Place in the Zonal
UNSW International Science Competition 2013
Sec 1 - Achieved 1 Distinctions and 15 Credits
Sec 2 - Achieved 4 Distinctions and 17 Credits
Chemical Powered Car Workshop Competition 2013 by Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Progressed to second round of the competition

Other competitions participated in

National Science Challenge 2014 (Participation)
Chemical Powered Car Workshop Competition 2013
Progressed to second round of the competition
ITE IgnITE Skills Challenge 2016
App-tasticCategory (2nd Prize)
ENgineering Explorer PICO mouse competition 2013
Engineering Science Challenge @ NYP 2013

Major Activities in 2013/2014

MOE ExCEL Festival 2014

Science Department Chemistry teachers' team presented their project entitled 'CSI - Collaborative and Self-directed ICT-fused Chemistry Encounter' on Day 1 Educators' Sharing at Suntec City Conference Hall.

Science Centre Workshop: DNA in Forensic Science

The ‘DNA in Forensic Science’ workshop allowed students to take on the role of forensic investigators and learn the different ways of processing evidence in crime laboratories. Through a fictitious criminal case, the Secondary 2 students understood more about DNA and its significance in forensic studies in their bid to nail the right criminal behind the case and to prove one’s innocence or guilt.

MindFest 2014

Mindfest is an annual festival organised by the Science Centre since 2005. The objective is to encourage the exploration of science, arts and technology through creative, immersive and enjoyable tinkering activities. Secondary 1 Express students had the opportunity to participate in exciting activities which were designed specially to cover a science concept. They discovered that it was fun and easy to understand science. With an added touch of creativity, they also came up with something unique which they got to take back.

Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors Award Exhibition and Programme 2014

The Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors' Award seeks to stimulate creativity amongst the young and to promote scientific and technological research in Singapore. Selected Lower Secondary students visited the exhibition and participated in the workshop at Science Centre.

Life Sciences and Chemical Technology Workshops 2014

Secondary 3 Normal Academic and Express students attended laboratory enrichment workshop by Ngee Ann Polytechnic School of Life Sciences and Chemical Technology. Students hands-on experiences in pharmaceutical sciences and they had opportunities to learn about science application in medicinal preparations. They carried out various activities such as caffeine extraction, cream making and capsule filling, as well as learn about the simple mechanisms that give rise to disease.

Advanced Elective Module 2014

Selected Secondary 3 students will be attending an optometry module 'Eyesight Matters - Common Causes and Correction' by Ngee Ann Polytechnic School of Health Sciences where students will learn about the causes and symptoms of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, and how various forms of ophthalmic lenses could be used to correct them.

Water / PET Rocket Project

On September 2013, Secondary 2 pupils participated in the Water Rocket Science Enrichment Programme where they craft rockets out of fizzy drink bottles and apply investigative skills. Through the project, students learned about and apply scientific concepts on the Three States of Matter, Forms of Energy, and Newton's Laws of motion.