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HOD / MathematicsMr Puttur Girish Kumar
Level Head / MathematicsMr Chua Yew Wei
Subject Head / MathematicsMrs Ramesh
TeacherMdm Chin Jen Yew
Mdm Koh Kwee Hua
Mdm Wong Wei Peng, Christine 
Mr Lui Meng Whye
Ms Kelsie Lau
Mr Loh Suay Yeow
Ms Lorraine Pek
Mr Lim Kar Keat
Ms Liao Chieh Hsin
Allied Educator (AED)Ms Radiayana Bte Haron

Department Vision

Developing students into passionate learners of Mathematics.

Subjects Offered

Mathematics (Syllabus A)
Mathematics (Syllabus T)
Additional Mathematics
Additional Mathematics (Syllabus A)
Computer Studies


The teachers in the Mathematics Department use various teaching methods to make lessons engaging and fun for the students. Some of the teaching methods used are the use of manipulatives and ICT. Teachers give regular assignments, conduct tests and quizzes to assess students’ performance and give regular feedback.

Additional Mathematics is offered as an elective subject in Secondary 3. Secondary 1 Normal (Academic) students who did well in Mathematics will be offered Express Mathematics in Secondary 2.  

Selected Secondary 1 and 2 students take part in International Competitions and Assessment for Schools (ICAS) which our students have fared well in. Apart from this, our students also take part in local and school-based mathematics competitions. Every year, lower secondary students take part in Mathematics Learning Journeys to different places around Singapore.

Computer Studies

Computer Studies is an elective subject offered in Secondary Three. The syllabus covers a wide range of topics to familiarise students with the basic knowledge of computer systems. The assessment consists of a written paper and a 45-hour coursework. Our students have been doing very well in GCE ‘O’ level examinations since 2007. Pupils taking Computer Studies will have opportunities to learn from their peers in other schools during Computer Studies challenge week held in June every year. They also get to visit institutions of higher learning and some IT-based industries.