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Information and Communication Technology and Computer Applications

HOD / Info Comm & Technology and Computer Applications Mr Yip Hoe Yin
TeacherMs Shashariza Bte Jupri
ICT Executive Mr Liew Kong Boon, Kevin
Technology Assistant Mr Cui Jie, Fisher
Mr Mohammad Hakim Bin Saat 




Harnessing ICT to enhance teaching and learning and to develop important life skills for CCKSians to realise our ICT vision of a school of the future.


ICT Framework.png

The ICT vision of School of the Future' is supported by five pillars and built upon on a strong foundation of cyber wellness.

The school of the future is a school where teachers and students integrate technology seamlessly into teaching, learning and assessment. Supporting the vision are five pillars as follows:
      1. Enriching students' learning through the use of 21st-century learning tools for teaching, learning and assessment, by providing anytime/anywhere educational access, and through the use of technology to close the achievement gap.
      2. Enhancing teachers' competencies to support teachers in designing and delivering the total curriculum infused with ICT.
      3. Equipping the school to provide the necessary equipment and infrastructure to support an ICT-enabled curriculum.
      4. Easing administration by enabling automation through technology.
      5. Enabling knowledge management by leveraging the connectivity and collaborative platforms that technology affords.
      6. At the foundation of the ICT implementation is a comprehensive cyber wellness programme educating our students to ensure a safe learning environment as they navigate the cyberspace within and outside school.

Subjects offered

Computer applications

Computer Applications (CPA) is a compulsory subject offered to all students in the Normal (Technical) stream. The CPA syllabus prepares our students to be technologically adept and to function and contribute effectively in an increasingly technologically-driven world.

The CPA curriculum emphasises current technological developments and trends as well as core computer skills. Students will have opportunities to use various software such as Microsoft Suite, Inkscape, and Scratch to perform meaningful tasks.

In Secondary 2 and 3, students will engage in media computing projects to create animations and games respectively using Scratch. These projects provide outlets for students' creativity besides reinforcing their learning. The best animation and game are submitted for the annual media computing competition.



The school has a structured training programme for all students to develop their skills in ICT which are critical for them in a technocentric society and workplace. This is coupled with values education and media literacy to ensure that our students are critical and civic users of ICT. We promote and support the use of ICT in teaching and learning to enhance the learning experience and deepen understanding. We encourage teachers to harness ICT for cultivating self-directed and collaborative learning in our students.


To support these goals, we constantly review our existing infrastructure and hardware to ensure that our students’ learning and development are maximised. This also includes exploring new technologies and the potential of incorporating them into teaching and learning. For example last year, we installed a visualiser in every classroom and piloted the use of iPads and whole-school wireless network.


We conduct Home-Based Learning (HBL) annually. This year, HBL was planned for all Secondary 1 to 3 students using the school’s Learning Management System (LMS) in the event of school closure due to haze. We helped teachers to develop ICT teaching resources and packages to be used in the classroom and in the LMS.


We support the InfoCommunication Club to promote peaks of excellence in ICT amongst students. By providing direction and resources for the Club, they have produced significant results in various national competitions for video, animation and multimedia production.