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English Language and Literature

HOD / English & LiteratureMdm S Premalatha
Subject Head / CCE & ViAMs Sim Mei Hui Theresa

Mr Lee Weng Kin
Ms Mary Christina Stanislaws
Mr Lee Chai Pin Bertrand


Towards a Community of Critical Thinkers, Effective Communicators, Enthusiastic Readers and Creative Writers.


To nurture in students love and respect for the language;

To instil in them pride in being confident and competent users of the language.

Subjects Offered

English Language

English Language (Syllabus A)

English Language (Syllabus T)

Literature (EL)

English Language

The English Language Department endeavours towards enabling all our students to excel in the English Language. We have a rigorous curriculum to develop students in the six areas of language learning namely (1) Listening & Viewing; (2) Reading & Viewing; (3) Speaking & Representing; (4) Writing & Representing; (5) Grammar and (6) Vocabulary.

Reading Programme

Our EL curriculum makes time to excite our students about reading and to instil a love of reading in our students. Our Reading Programme exposes students to a selection of good reads as well as current affairs. We also encourage our students to share their thoughts about books they read through class discussions and through regular book sharing on their favourite novels during Mass Reading.

Speaking Programme

Developing our students’ oral competencies is an important part of our curriculum. Our Speaking Programme encourages students to be confident speakers and effective communicators. Students are given regular opportunities in class to share experiences, to voice their ideas and opinions in front of their classmates and to learn from each other through oral presentations. 

Project Work

Our students are involved in project work where they integrate the various skills of language learning and leverage the use of ICT to complete an assigned task that mimics real-life situation. Through project work, we aim to provide our students opportunities for independent learning, teach them how to be good team players and to develop their communication and presentation skills. 

English Literature

Through the Literature Programme, we want our students to become aware of new ways of perceiving the world around us. Reading Literature allows our students to experience situations vicariously, to develop empathy for the character, and to think about what they would do in the character's place.  It also helps them to gain compassion for a wide range of people across cultures and time periods. 

Our Literature Programme exposes students to the three genres of poetry, novels and drama. We engage our students in a series of stimulating activities such as poetry-writing, scripting, dramatization and comics-drawing that allows them to exercise their creative energy. Our students are also given opportunities to watch world-class drama performances as part of their learning journey and participate in Poetry Slams. 

Special Programmes / Enrichment Offered


Students are engaged in a series of stimulating activities such as poetry-writing, scripting, dramatisation, choral reading, and drawing of comics that allow them to exercise their creative energy.


The department's enrichment programmes focus on building students' oral competencies.

Secondary 1 - Drama Course

Secondary 2 - Oral and Phonology Course

Secondary 3 - Debating Skills Workshop


Our students have consistently achieved results better than the national average figures for English Language and the school has achieved value-added results for English Language since 2002.