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Prefectorial Board


Head Prefect Mascarina Joshua Miguel Fernandex S3/6
Vice Head Prefect Jyotsnaa Somasundaram S3/8
Executive Committee Candy Liow Hui Yu
Dael Camille Dela Rama
Ismail Hadi B Zamzam

1. The Prefectorial Board

The School's Prefectorial Board comprises a body of student leaders elected by their teachers and peers for their exemplary conduct.  Not only are these students role models, they are also servant leaders.  They help the school in various programmes and activities like parents-teachers-meeting, Speech Day, orientations etc.  They also play a disciplinary role and help to remind fellow students of their conduct and behaviour.  Outside of the school, they are emissaries of the school and the Prefect Tie they wear is symbolic of that status endowed upon them.

2. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE and appointments OF The prefectorial board

Prefect Structure.JPG

Identification, Observation and Appointment Process of Student Leaders 
Students selected for the higher rungs of leadership positions (e.g. Prefects, CCA Leaders, Class Committee) are put through an observation period before they are officially appointed. During the observation period, such students are given specific tasks or projects where the various leadership behaviours can be observed and assessed by their seniors and the teachers.

Leader Selection System.jpg

Observation Period

All Class Committees will undergo an Observation Period which will last for 8 weeks. During this period, the Form Teachers and Subject Teachers will observe the various Monitors and Committee Members as they carry out their responsibilities. The Form Teachers will also use this period to highlight to the students should they be found wanting in certain aspects. In the course of the Observation Period, students deemed to be unsuitable will be removed and replacements will be put in place. 

For the Prefects, Junior Prefects are nominated by the Form Teachers and Subject Teachers, and observed by the Prefect EXCO and Prefect Master/Mistress before their Investiture. Prefects who have expressed interest for EXCO positions or Senior Prefect are given more rigorous tasks to assess their suitability for heavier responsibilities.

Investiture Ceremony 

Upon successful completion of the observation periods, the Class Committees and the Prefects will be invested in separate Investiture Ceremonies to formally recognise their appointment as class or school-level Student Leaders.