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Student Leadership Camp

The year of Student Leadership Development Programme culminates with the Student Leadership Camp in November. All Secondary 2 Prefects and potential student leaders from the Secondary 2 cohort of each of the 23 Co-Curricular Activities are selected to attend the camp in preparation for their appointments in their Secondary 3 year. Workshops on Service-Learning and The 360 Degree Leader are conducted in the camp, coupled with experiential lessons for the participants to apply what they have learnt and prepare them in leading Service-Learning projects in their CCAs.

Senior student leaders who have attended the Student Leadership Camp in the previous year return to mentor the participants as camp facilitators. Working with the Prefect EXCO which organises the Student Leadership Camp, these Secondary 3 CCA Student Leaders and Senior Prefects guide the camp participants through the application and reflection on the tenets of The 360 Degree Leader, as well as mentor them in designing basic Service-Learning project ideas for the different CCAs.