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Leadership Development Through CCA

Student leaders are the most critical element in creating the vibrancy within our Co-Curricular Activities (CCA). These student leaders (CCA leaders) are able to lead their juniors, organize CCA activities on their own and motivate their team members to help the CCA achieve greater heights. In the process, they hone their skills, confidence and competency to become better leaders.  

Facilitating Leadership Development in CCAs

Each CCA has an organizational structure with clear roles and responsibilities for its CCA leaders. Teachers in charge of the CCAs would also build in the necessary training and mentoring processes to ensure that the students appointed into leadership roles are well-equipped to do the job. A clear reporting structure of each CCA student leadership committee is set with specific teachers-in-charge who serve as advisors. The teachers also conduct a review session with the student leaders after the completion of major student-led activities.

Platforms for CCA Leaders to organize activities

Uniformed Groups
Performing Arts Groups
Sports & Games Groups
Clubs & Societies
a. Muster Parades 
b. UG Camp 
c. UG Competition (eg intra- school drill competition) 
d. CIP activity 
a. Camp 
b. CIP activity 
c. Performance (eg. during assembly) 
a. Camp 
b. CIP activity 
c. Sports Carnival (eg. inter- house games) 
a. Camp 
b. CIP activity 
c. Intra-School activity (eg. CABIN games competitions, Library book promotion, InfoComm photo competition, etc)

Interhouse Games.jpg Muster Parade.jpg
Band Performance.jpg CIP.jpg

Selection of CCA Leaders Process

tn.CCA leadership structure.jpg.mid.jpg

Recognition Awards for CCA Leaders

Other than the Edusave Award for Achievement, Good Leadership and Service (EAGLES) and the Edusave Character Award (ECHA), the National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) programme is also embedded in the programme of all 23 CCAs. Students are recognised for their completion of the Bronze and Silver stages of the NYAA programme and awarded CCA points in the LEAPS 2.0 scheme.

Recognition Awards for CCA Leaders.png