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Class Committee

1. Objectives

(a) to develop and promote class identity and class spirit. 
(b) to develop and foster care, concern and co-operation among classmates.
(c) to help plan activities for school functions
(d) to provide a link between teachers and classmates and assist in administrative tasks
(e) to create and cultivate a healthy, wholesome, congenial and conducive class learning culture

2. Organizational Structure of Class Committee

Class Committee Structure.JPG

3. Duties of Class Committee Members

Other than the clear scope of duties and responsibilities of each member of the Class Committee by their appointments, Class Committee members are also expected to assist the Form Teachers in planning and executing Class or School level events such as Sports Day, Speech Day, VIA etc. They are also expected to be the voice of the Class – voicing out concerns, suggestions, or feedback to the Form Teachers on a regular basis regarding class matters.