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St. John Brigade

Teachers-in-chargeMdm Koh Kwee Hua (I/C), Mdm Noryanti & Mr Lui Meng Whye


The Saint John's Ambulance Brigade is an all rounded CCA providing students with lifetime knowledge and first aid skills as well as build their character through activities during their weekly CCA.

Activities & Achievements

Courses and camps are also provided for each  and every member of the Saint John's Ambulance  Brigade. There are also other  outdoor activities, camps as well as fund raising activities to provided every cadet with essential  knowledge about Saint John's Ambulance Brigade.

Our members also contribute to the public and the student body by performing First Aid duties in both public and school settings, there by putting our training to good use. 
Saint John Ambulance Brigade is proud of our achievements this year. Apart from sustaining the Gold award since 2003, our Ambulance Team and Nursing team won the 1st runner up in the First Aid and zonal Foot drill competitions respectively.