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Teachers-in-chargeMr Lin Weiquan (I/C) & Mr Alan Tang 
 Scout Leader: Mr Chew Si Chao 
 Venture Scout Leader: Mr Nicholas Ong
 Rover Scout Leader: Mr Reza Sulaiman 


Scouting began as Chua Chu Kang Phoenix Scout Group in Chua Chu Kang Secondary School in 1994. It was the 1st Tri-Branch Scout group in Singapore Scouting with Sea, Air and Land Scouting. In 1998, the unit was renamed Condor Scout Troop with only Sea and Land programmes. In 2000, growing membership and alumni retention required expansion to include senior boys from 15 to 18 years old in the Venture Unit, and alumni members from 18 to 25 years old in the Rover Crew. By the end of 2000, only the Sea programme was retained, and the Scout Group was renamed Condor Sea Scout Group.

Today, Scouting in Chua Chu Kang Secondary School is experienced in the Sea Scout Programme – a foundation in the general Scout training in outdoor activities and service, and the Sea Scout elements of seamanship, water confidence and skills in various sea craft. The rigorous Sea Scout Progress Badge Scheme qualifies the boys for the National Youth Achievement Award and helps them excel in the Ministry of Education’s LEAPS requirements for Co-Curricular Activities (CCA).

Activities & Achievements


Jan-Feb: Orientation and Induction of Sec.1 Scouts
Feb-Mar: World Scout Day celebrations and competitions (Area and National levels)
Mar-Apr: SwimSafer Programme and Lifesaving 1, 2 & 3 Course
Jun: Unit Expedition and Scout Leadership Course
Jul-Aug: Footdrill Proficiency Course and National Day Parade Rehearsals
Aug-Sep: Kayaking Training
Oct-Nov: Unit Camp
Nov-Dec: Chief Commissioner’s Award Exploration Test (Area-level) and Venture Cord Exploration Test (National-level)

Achievements & Awards

1. Frank Cooper Sands Award (Overall Unit Evaluation)
- 2014 Scout-Gold, Venture-Gold
- 2015 Scout-Gold, Venture-Silver
- 2016 Scout-Gold, Venture-Silver

2. Founder's Day Rally (Bukit Panjang District)
- 2014 Overall Champion

3. Scout Challenge (Bukit Panjang District)
- 2013 Champion

4. Maritime Youth Day (Singapore Maritime Academy)
- 2014 Silver

5. Sea Scout Kayak Rally
- 2016 Overall Champions
- 2017 Overall Champions

6. National Patrol Camp
- 2013 Silver
- 2016 Bronze

7. National Exploration Challenge
- 2012 Bronze

8. National Venturing Challenge
- 2015 Overall Champion

9. Chief Commissioner's Award
- 2013 SCL Eamon Yeo Ying Zhou
- 2014 SCL Melvin Cheong Tien Jin & SCL Royce Lee Kai Shuen
- 2015 SCL R. Kruthivas, SCL Dominick Koh, SCL Gif Eng & SCL Xavier Lee
- 2016 SCL Imanulhassan, CL Xavier How & CL Than Hao Yee

10. President’s Scout Award
- 2014 Venture EXCO Chairperson Nicholas Ong