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Teachers-in-chargeMdm Fazilah (I/C) & Ms Shafiah Syed Masood
CoachMr Reynard Goh

Determined to excel, all CCKSS floorballers give their best during every training session. A typical day at training would involve the Captain, and Vice-Captain leading warm-up sessions and running 8 rounds around the school field to improve stamina. This is then followed by circuit training, which is planned by Coach Reynard, and executed by various seniors who take turns to lead. Water breaks not lasting more than 5 minutes are given before the girls report to their coach for specific skill-based training.

Under the watchful eyes of the coach, the girls work on their passes, blocks and shooting skills. This rigorous drill continues for the next hour before the girls embark on mock matches to apply the drills that they had practised earlier. Those sitting out of the game observe and give concrete feedback before the game ends and a new match begins with a new team. 

Training is intensified during the tournament period. The ‘B’ division National Secondary School Floorball Championships usually begins in February. Hence, training continues during the year-end vacation. Friendly sessions with other schools are also organised during the holidays to give players exposure. A year-end training camp is also held to bond players. Additionally, the camp is also carried out to provide Secondary 2 and 3 floorballers opportunities to lead. The girls in these levels work on camp programme and activities so that they meet the camp’s overall objectives. 

While the CCA hopes to provide opportunities to develop student leaders, it also has the greater goal of nurturing sportswomen with character. To achieve this, floorballers are actively involved in Values in Action (VIA) Programme. They have participated in a range of activities such as beach cleaning, porridge distribution at Keat Hong in July during Ramadhan and volunteering at Willing Hearts during the November vacation. 


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