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Movement and Dance 

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul"
- Martha Graham

Teachers-in-chargeMdm Mency Lee (I/C), Ms Tan Kee Sing & Ms Tan Boon Ee
Dance InstructorMs Mia Wang

concert 01.JPG

The Movement and Dance Club is a dynamic and vibrant CCA that nurtures a strong dance talent pool in CCKSS that creates an appreciation for aesthetics. It embodies grace, flexibility and skillfulness among the youths.

The club exposes students to different genres of dance, including modern contemporary, ballet, jazz, hip-hop and Latin dance. Through our dance education programme, students will develop basic techniques of dance, muscular strength, good body posture and alignment.

The rehearsals and training develop an appreciation for the arts, personal discipline and a resilient and observant character in the various dance forms. The opportunities to work together on a common goal will also encourage teamwork, social interaction and leadership among the students.

The activities of the Movement and Dance Club also build up practical technical skills in students, including coordination and stage production skills, choreography, improvisation, lights, sounds, costumes and make-up skills. Through these activities, dancers will develop personal leadership. They grow to have passion, self-motivation and steer themselves to create excellence through perseverance in their personal lives. For example, we have performed during the school’s Speech Day and SYF Showcase in Pioneer Junior College this year.

To provide opportunities to bond as a team, serve the community and instil a sense of appreciation for the arts, we have carried out these activities

      •  Watching dance performances, including “Ballet Under the Stars”
      • Annual Dance Camp
      • Choreography and Stage Make-up workshops
      • Values in Action (VIA) Programmes - Distribution of SG50 Goodie Bags, Performance at Old Folks’ Home and Park Cleaning


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