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Teachers-in-chargeMs Mary Christina Stanislaws (I/C), Ms Er Wan Ling & Ms Asuka Fuji
Drama InstructorMs Rosemary McGowan

Drama Club in CCKSS, also known as Envisage’D, aims to develop members to be bold, passionate and confident. Our mission is to build confidence and instil discipline in our members .

With the collaborative efforts of the club, teachers and our instructor, the Envisage’D has grown to be a home of talented group of individuals who are passionate and joyful about acting, directing, and being part of the backstage crew. The CCA is not just about acting on stage. Our members also learn the ropes of working backstage such as doing lights and sounds, make-up, costumes, props and sets. 

Aside from the achievements attained, Envisage’D made their debut public performance in 2012 with Abandoned at The Goodman Arts Centre, and has continued the trend since with STAGE in 2013 at the National Library Building and at Youth Celebrate! in 2014 at The Arts House located at the Old Parliament House.

In 2015, the Envisaged’D ventured on a new project in which for the first time, the club will produce a movie which consists seven short films. The members have put in tremendous effort in ensuring that their project is a success. The movie will be released in early 2016.

Leadership, being an important hallmark of a successful CCA, is emphasised for all Drama Club members and its fruition. Support from both teachers and seniors not only help to forge bonds between members, it also shape members into leaders with strong moral values. 


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