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Teachers-in-charge: Mr Amos Heng (I/C), Mdm, Fiona Tay & Ms Nurul Izzati
Choir Instructors: Mr Ernest Thio & Ms Shantelle Lim

The CCKSS Choir is an award-winning, all-girls choir which sings and performs songs of a variety of genres, formats and languages. 

For the 2015 Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation (SYF AP), 2 French songs and 1 Korean song were selected. Students were first taught how to pronounce each syllable of the various songs that were chosen for our SYF AP. Following this, a French Choir Conductor was engaged to teach and fine tune the Choir’s pronunciation of the French words in the 2 French songs. This session was conducted during the March holidays. The students then took it upon themselves to learn and master all the songs. Emcees were also appointed early, trained and their speeches vetted and practised during rehearsals.

In addition to our participation in the SYF Arts Presentation and B-Dazzled Show Choir competition, the Choir also supported school events such as our yearly Chinese New Year, Speech Day, National Day celebration, Deepavali celebration, and the Year-end Performing Arts concerts.


Activities and Performances 2015: 

In addition to preparations for competitions, our Choir also reached out to various segments of society by participating in the following concerts to put our Values into Action
      •  2015 Music-in-the-City Concert at Ngee Ann City
      •  2015 SG50 National Day Carnival at Chua Chu Kang Community Centre 
As active members of the CCKSS Community, we supported and celebrated with our school during the following concerts
      • Chinese New Year Concert
      •  Speech Day Concert
      •  National Day Concert
      •  Year-End-Performing-Arts concert
      •  Deepavali Concert
Yearly Events:
      • Choir Talentime
      •  Choir Camp
      •  Section Leaders’ / Accompanists’ Training
      •  Dance Captain / Dance Leader Training
      •  Combo Band Training
      •  Attending of Performing Arts concert
Opportunities for growth
The Choir is a CCA which presents students with opportunities in the various aspects, namely:
Self-leadership, leading others, leading a vocal section, leading a dance group, emceeing, research, playing a combo band instrument, solo singing and logistics. All Choir students are expected to hold in highest regard our school motto, Serve, Grow and Excel and our school values of Managing Self, Putting Others before Self and Aspiring to Excel.

Student leaders are carefully selected. Current and potential leaders are trained, groomed and tested to ensure the smooth running of the CCA as well as for the students’ overall development. All students are challenged to give of their utmost as performers.


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SYF 2015


NDP 2015


Music-in-the-City Concert at Ngee Ann City


Dance Captain and Leader Training

Dance Training.jpgDance Training_2.jpg

Combo Band Training


SG50 National Day Carnival at Chua Chu Kang Community Centre


B-Dazzled Show Choir Competition

B dazzelled.jpgB dazzelled_2.jpg

Choir Camp