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Chinese Orchestra

Teachers-in-charge: Mdm Zhang Simin (I/C), Mdm Li Xu, Mdm Tan Kai Ching, & Mr Yeo Cher Hock
Instructors: Mr Lee Heng Quee, Mdm Tan Joon Chin & Ms Lim Siong Moi

Chinese Orchestra (CO) is one of the most popular Performing Arts CCAs in school where it has remained the largest CCA for several years. In CO, teachers and instructors aim to nurture students’ passion for music, creativity, and to be a team-player with a desire to strive for excellence.

Our instructors are current professional players of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. Most students joined CO without any musical background. Nevertheless, under the guidance of the instructors, our students have flourished. Students have attained the commendable achievement of Certificate of Accomplishment for the Singapore Youth Festival 2015.

Students also learned the importance of teamwork in the orchestra. They are instilled with a sense of discipline and diligence to work together in order to produce coherent and melodious pieces. Plenty of opportunities are provided for students to showcase their musical skills such as the performances during Speech Day, Chinese New Year concert and National Day celebration. Next year, students will be participating in a public performance, Music in the City, at Ngee Ann City as well as our biannual CO Nite.

Students also participated actively in Values in Action (VIA) programmes to serve our community. At the beginning of the year, students performed at the Chinese New Year concert held at Expo for the beneficiaries of the Singapore Cancer Society. They also performed for the elderly living in the neighbourhood during the school’s Chinese New Year concert.

Annual camps provided students the opportunities to bond and interact through different  activities. Some students were given the opportunity to be student leaders. Various channels are provided to develop their leadership potentials such as the leadership camps organised by the school and the Singapore Arts Education branch. With the dedication and commitment of our team of teachers and instructors, we aim to continue to bring out the best in our students and achieve greater heights for CO.


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