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Teachers-in-charge : Mdm Goi Geok San (I/C) & Mr Vincent Fong
 CCA Vision  Soaring together with heart and mind towards excellence.
 CCA Mission  To cultivate sportsmanship and team spirit among students.
 CCA Motto  Create. Command. Conquer.

The Robotics Club aspires to ignite students with a passion in programming and building through the use of Lego Mindstorms under the guidance of our trainers. Through the club’s activities, students will develop problem-solving skills and improve their concepts of Mathematics and Science. They will also gain an appreciation for technology and be able to apply their skills in real-life. 

We achieve our goals by participating in several competitions. We hope that students will develop in areas such as leadership and perseverance. Leadership positions available within the club are one of the avenues for students to showcase their potential. In addition, students will also get to experience collaboration and be able to acquire and improve their presentation and communication skills.

Robotics Club also engages in community work to inculcate service learning and character building among students. Not only is this a great opportunity for students to help out with the community, it also gives them the chance to bond with their fellow CCA-mates outside of school.

We took part in several annual competitions such as Robofest, Innovation Design And Engineering Competition (IDE), National RoboPreneur Carnival (NRPC), ITE Robotics Challenge, National Junior Robotics Competition (NJRC).

The Robotics Club clinched 18 awards since 2013, 8 of which are first place awards.

The Robotics Club is not all about robots. We conduct several fun activities for our students to get to know one another and give them the chance to interact with people of different ages. Examples of such activities are, Orientation Day for the Secondary 1 students, CCA camp, monthly team bonding games and occasional parties to celebrate the successes of the Robotics Club.


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