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InfoComm Club (AVA)

Teachers-in-charge: Ms Lorraine Pek (I/C), Mr Andrew Tan, Mr Leong Mun Kidd

The Infocomm Club AVA wing was originally set up to aid the school in day-to-day routines but has since expanded to cover all major school events. It specialises in the areas of Sound, Photography and Videography. During training sessions, students are exposed to and trained rigorously in computer graphics and video editing. Members produced videos for special events such as Speech Day and National Day celebration in 2015. An external professional vendor further honed students in their craft so that each and every AVA student becomes a media technical expert who is able to handle most popular media manipulatives.

Infocomm Club (AVA) delivers consistently high standards of service so that school events run smoothly and greatly enhances the overall experience for the whole student body. 

As firm believers that every student can be a leader who will eventually serve the community, the teachers present numerous opportunities for students to exercise their leadership. This includes entrusting the more experienced students to take the younger members under their wing and being responsible for their learning and training. At the same time, the more experienced members receive mentoring from the teachers on a regular basis. The aim of this continuous mentor partnership aims to groom the leadership capacity of all members who are able to lead their peers. At the same time, it also fosters strong camaraderie amongst members.

Lastly, Infocomm Club (AVA) actively seeks and participates in major photography competitions, whether locally or internationally in order to put their skills to the test. This way, the members are constantly exposed to the genres of photography and are able to pick up valuable skills and tips. This benefit also rubs off on others in the club as the students mingle and exchange tips learnt from the various competitions. 


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