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InfoComm Club (Animation)

Teachers-in-charge: Ms Shashariza (I/C), Mdm Sharifah Beevi, Mdm Aliza

The Infocomm Club (Animation) aspires to ignite students with a passion for digital media animation and game development. 

Under the guidance of our trainers, students will acquire Infocomm skills such as storyboarding, graphics editing, the creation of computer animations as well as the development of games. Students will be familiarised with the various software tools found in Inkscape, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Scratch and many more.

Various competitions held island-wide have also been identified for students to apply their software knowledge. Examples of such competitions include:

‘Safety Starts With Me’ Competition (Poster Drawing and Animation category)
Singapore Games Creation Competition (SGCC)
Schools Digital Media Awards Competition

Great emphasis has also been placed on building the character and values of our students through Values in Action (VIA) activities. Students contribute back to the community by participating actively in parks and beach clean-up projects. The foci are to encourage students to understand the importance of taking ownership of parks and beaches as well as to reflect on how habits and actions affect Singapore’s cleanliness. Through other projects such as Flag Day and newspaper collection, students will also get to experience the joy of giving while providing assistance to and raising funds for the less fortunate.

In all, the club ensures that students are equipped with relevant Infocomm skills as well as values such as empathy and passion to make a difference to the community and nation, even after leaving school.


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