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Art Club

Teachers-in-charge : Ms Rina Lee (I/C) & Mr Kenneth Chan

Chua Chu Kang Secondary School Art Club aims to provide opportunities and platforms where members are actively involved in Art production and Art critique through teamwork, self-management, sharing of skills and creative ideas. We envision to unleash our creativity and beautifying our world!The Art Club is built on a commitment to foster and promote the spirit of Art and creativity in students through a wide variety of carefully crafted activities. In 2015, students were introduced to watercolour and acrylic painting, ceramics, charcoal drawing, sculpture, manga, digital art and photography. The mix of traditional and non-traditional mediums allow students to express themselves freely, and expand their creativity and resourcefulness.To increase students’ appreciation and awareness of Art around the world while also learning about different cultures, students embark on learning journeys to various venues such as Singapore Art Museum, Lasalle , NAFA, and Singapore Print Tyler Institution.ActivitiesThe Art Club also encourages members to participate in competitions and collaborations with other organisations. Some of the competitions our members have been involved in are the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) bi-annual competition, ‘Anti-Drug Competition’ and ‘Safety Starts with Me’. Late this year, members collaborated with local graffiti artists from Zinc Nite Crew (ZNC) to create an artwork titled “Gardens by the Bay”. Competitions and collaborations not only showcase their talents but also allow members to gain experience and be exposed to the local Art scene.The school also engages external skilled vendors to enhance their learning experience. These activities such batik design, printmaking, wire sculpting, spray painting help students enrich their knowledge of art mediums and also allow them to gain confidence. Beside hands-on Art activities, the Art Club also conduct overnight camps and other community projects such as fundraising and door-to-door charity donations.With these varying activities, the Art Club aims to develop a positive attitude and character in our students and to help develop each and every student holistically to prepare them for the future.


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