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Art Club

Teachers-in-charge : Mr Jerrold Chong Yuan Pei(I/C), Mr Kenneth Chan, Mdm Sharifah Beevi

The mission of the Art Club is to allow members to appreciate and create various forms of art. The Art Club aims to provide opportunities and platforms where members are actively involved in art-making and art critiques through teamwork, self-management, sharing of skills and creative ideas. Members experience learning outside of the classroom, during learning journeys to museums and art exhibitions, as well as outdoor sketching. 

One highlight of 2018 for the Art Club members was definitely being a part of the school’s Silver Jubilee celebrations. They were involved in making the props for the Aladdin musical where they worked and had fun. Members also played an important role in the wall mural that is now displayed in the school’s hall. 

Students also participated in the SYF Exhibition where they did large charcoal drawings of flowers. We are proud to say that Estelle Oei’s work was chosen to be part of the SYF Exhibition alongside schools nationwide at the National Gallery of Singapore.

The club also had a two-day one-night camp, where there were bonding opportunities and development of leadership skills for members. Activities for the camp included hiking, ball games and a movie night. Student Leaders planned and carried out the activities with the teachers’ close guidance.

Throughout 2018, members learnt various forms of art, such as logo design, printmaking, mural designing and ceramics. 


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