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Parent Support Group


1. We believe that every parent is a supportive partner. Hence we aspire to forge a sustainable partnership with parents to provide strong support for the holistic development of our students and to nurture them to be lifelong learners and confident leaders. 

2. The CCKSS’ Parent Support Group (PSG) was set up to build a strategic link between parents and the school.

3. The objectives of the PSG are as follows:
To provide a support network amongst parents to learn and share best practices in supporting their children’s learning; 
To assist and support the school in its programmes/activities and foster a close relationship with the school; and
To enrich parents by organising programmes/talks/activities 

4. All parents of our students are members of the PSG. A strong partnership between the school and parents is critical to our students’ holistic development. The PSG has been actively involved in our school events and has provided invaluable support to both our staff and students. 

PSG Executive Committee

PSG EXCO 1.jpg
Front Row (Left to Right): Mrs Adeline Tan, Mr Tan Keng Joo (Principal), Mr Zamzam, Ms Gracy, Mrs Anshad (Vice-Principal), Mdm Noraisah, Mdm Prema

Back Row (Left to Right): Mr David Leong, Mr Majid, Mr Lee Kok Cheong, Mr Khek, Mr Rossli, Mdm Siti Zaleha, Mdm Norhairati, Ms Jennifer, Ms Regene, Mdm Thilaka, Mdm Lee Mei Leng, Mdm Koh Kwee Hua

20170623 PSG Org Chart.jpg