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International Friendship Day

As a little red dot surrounded by a sea of green, Singapore realises the importance of forging strong solidarity and friendship with its neighbouring countries in order to survive. This ideal is imparted in students through the International Friendship Day commemorated every year on the third Friday of Term 2. This day is dedicated to the understanding of Singapore’s relations with neighbouring countries and beyond. It aims to alert students towards the geo-political realities inherent in Singapore, as well as nurture in them the spirit of friendship and partnership among different countries and different people.

In CCKSS, International Friendship Day provides students the opportunity to explore Singapore’s connection to the region and the world. This is particularly important as we recognise Singapore’s position as an international hub in the region for many international stakeholders. As such, students in this school are taught to understand the good relations we have forged and continue to share with the world and never to take such valuable relations for granted. Through various activities and programmes in place involving students’ knowledge and understanding of various international cultures, CCKSS strives to ensure that by celebrating the International Friendship Day, we could achieve our goal of:
      • allowing students to examine how communities in Southeast Asia are connected through cultural, economic and geographical ties, thus learning the value of maintaining good relations with our neighbours in the region;
      • helping students gain a deeper appreciation of regional cooperation and recognising how an active foreign policy has enabled us to maintain our international space and good relations with neighbouring countries;
      • infusing students with a global outlook that makes them open to working well with people of different cultures, both within Singapore and in the world at large;
      • helping students understand how the successful integration of Singaporeans and new immigrants will contribute towards Singapore’s continued success as an economy, society and nation;
      • guiding, challenging and correcting students’ misconceptions and/or stereotypes of new immigrants and providing a platform for them to express acceptance of foreign cultures and norms.