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Student Code of Conduct

School Rules 

The school believes that a positive school tone is critical to student learning and character development. CCKSians must learn the rationale for and the importance of school rules in creating a positive and conducive learning environment for all. School rules state the school’s expectations of student behaviour, which form the basis of character development and development of Passionate Learners & Compassionate Leaders. 
Attendance and Punctuality 

Attendance and Punctuality 

  1. CCKSians attend school every school day. 
  2. If a student is absent with a valid reason, they will present to their Form Teacher a medical certificate or a parent’s letter (for a non-medical reason) on the following school day. A maximum of 4 parent’s letter is allowed per student per year.  
  3. CCKSians arrive punctually for the flag-raising ceremony at the beginning of each school day, for their lessons and for all school events. If they are late, they will apologise for their lateness to the Teacher- in-charge and explain their reason. CCKSians show due respect to the symbols of our nation: Our President, State Flag, National Anthem and The Pledge. CCKSians who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and recite the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart. Non-Singaporeans will stand at attention during the ceremony.
  4. CCKSians do not leave the class, school or school event without seeking permission from the Teacher- in-charge. If they feel unwell during the school day and seek to leave school early, they report to the General Office and the Office will contact their parents to fetch them home. If they wish to leave school during school hours for a valid reason, they must first obtain permission from a HOD, Vice-Principal or Principal. An Early Departure Form needs to be completed and submitted to the General Office. 
Personal Grooming 
  1. CCKSians wear the prescribed school uniform and modification to the uniform is not allowed. The uniform is worn smartly both inside and outside of school. CCKSians are mindful that they represent the school and uphold the school’s image. A female student’s skirt should touch the knees. A male student’s long pants should be of appropriate length and tapering of the school pants is not allowed. The PE attire consists of the House/ school polo T-shirt, school shorts, white socks and shoes. Every student should have at least two sets of PE attire. Female Muslim students may wear plain black track pant. A letter of request written by the parent/guardian must be submitted to HOD/PE. Student should change into their full school uniforms during recess. They should not remain in the PE attire after 1130 am.  
  2. CCKSians do not wear jewellery or fashion accessories with the school uniform, though a female student may wear a pair of small silver/gold ear-studs. 
  3. CCKSians practise good personal grooming. They do not dye their hair. They also keep their fingernails clean and short. Male students wear their hair short and neat and in accordance to the school’s expectations and allowed hairstyle. They do not keep a beard, moustache or long sideburns. The female students with long hair tie their hair neatly, with fringes below the eyebrow pinned up neatly, and using only black or dark blue hair accessories. CCKSians do not use cosmetics, nail polish or coloured contact lenses.

Academic Studies 

        1. We believe our CCKSians aspire to be passionate learners. Hence, CCKSians have a keen learning attitude.
        2. CCKSians bring the required books and materials to lessons. They are prepared for their lessons. 
        3. CCKSians participate actively and listen attentively during lessons. They take ownership of their learning and ensure they understand what they are to learn from the lesson. They use the 4 Critical Questions to assess their progress in learning. 
        4. CCKSians take pride in their academic work. They put in their best effort in their assignments and hand them in on time. 
General Behaviour in School
        1. We believe that our CCKSians aspire to be on their best behavior at all times, both in and outside  school. 
        2. CCKSians greet the teaching, non-teaching staff and visitors in the school. 
        3. CCKSians speak quietly and politely to staff and peers. They are neither rowdy nor rude, whether in class, in school or on school outings. 
        4. When moving to the next lesson, CCKSians move in a quiet and orderly manner in their class from one room to the next. 
        5. CCKSians only leave their class during or between lessons with the permission of their Subject Teacher. They carry an exit pass obtainable from the teacher when leaving the classroom.  

Behaviour in Canteen 

        1. CCKSians practise consideration for others in the canteen. They queue up for food and drinks and consume all food and beverages in the canteen only. They clean the table they have used and return utensils to the receptacles provided. 

Care for the Environment 

        1. CCKSians keep their environment neat and clean, whether the place is their classroom, special rooms, IT rooms, CCA rooms or other parts of the school compound. They do not litter. They ensure lights, fans and air-conditioners are switched off if they are the last to leave the room. 

Security and Safety 

        1. CCKSians take care of their own belongings and watch out for the belongings of others. They do not bring excessive cash or expensive items to school. They are honest and return items they have found to the General Office. 
        2. CCKSians do not loiter in the neighbourhood or at public places, by themselves or with others, before or after school. They are mindful of the need to spend their time after school wisely and productively. 
        3. CCKSians obey all pedestrian crossing rules as they care for their own safety and the safety of other road-users. 
        4. CCKSians adhere to safe practices for all school activities. They observe safety precautions in the Science Laboratories, Technical Workshops, Computer Laboratories, Home Economics Rooms and Special Rooms. 

Possession of any weapon or weapon-like item 

        1. All students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others..

Use of mobile phones and other communication/electronic devices 

        1. Students learn well when there is order, discipline and minimal distraction. It is important that all CCKSians learn to be responsible and discerning users of technology. We would strongly advise parents, if they wish their children to bring a mobile phone to school, to purchase for your child only a simple mobile phone for communication purposes. This is to minimize distraction and replacement costs in the case of loss or damage.  In addition to the CCE and Cyber Wellness curriculum, our school has in place the following rules and policies to ensure responsible use of mobile devices in school.
              1. Mobile phones/electronic devices can only be used at these specified three timings of the day: before morning assembly, during recess and lunch time and after-school hours. 
              2. Students are strongly discouraged from using their mobile phones along the corridor in view of their safety. 
              3. Students found using their mobile phone without permission, will have their mobile phone taken away. It will be returned on the same day by the subject teacher. For repeated offences, mobile phones will be handed over to the Level Coordinator or a member of the Student Management team. The staff confiscating the mobile phone will ensure that the student informs his or her parents that their mobile phone is not with them. 

Parents to avoid contacting your child via their mobile phone during school hours to minimise disruption to lessons. Should parents need to contact their child, or in the case of an emergency, they may call the school office. For non-emergency cases, they should SMS their child and leave a message for him to return a call as soon as he reads the message after school dismissal.

Serious Offences 

        1. The school classifies the following as Serious Offences: 
                1. Possession of weapon or weapon like item 
                2. Truancy / Skipping classes 
                3. Cheating in Tests / Examinations 
                4. Open Defiance / Rudeness to Teachers 
                5. Fighting 
                6. Theft 
                7. Extortion / Bullying 
                8. Gambling
                9. Vandalism 
                10. Possession or viewing of pornographic materials 
                11. Smoking in different forms and possession of tobacco products and paraphernalia such as c igarettes, lighter, e-cigarette and shisha 
                12. Substance abuse such as consuming banned drugs and glue-sniffing
                13. Behaving as a public nuisance
                14. Modification of school uniform
                15. Failure of Singapore citizens to sing the National Anthem and take the pledge
                16. Repeated / Accumulated Minor Offences

For the above mentioned serious offences, parental involvement will be required for the resolution and closure of the case. Consequences that can be enforced by the school include: Detention class, public apology, caning (for boys), corrective work order (CWO), suspension (from class or school) and expulsion. 

Attire expectations

Female School Uniform

Female School Uniform - 1.JPG
Female School Uniform - 2.JPG

 Lower Sec Male School Uniform

LS Male School Uniform - 1.JPG
LS Male School Uniform - 2.JPG

Upper Sec Male School Uniform   

US Male School Uniform - 1.JPG
US Male School Uniform - 2.JPG

 Male/Female PE Attire  

PE Attire 1.JPG
PE Attire 2.JPG