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School Motto & Crest

School Motto

Serve, Grow, Excel


 Through service to the class, school, community, nation and the world, our students will learn to look beyond themselves, work well in a team, and understand themselves and others around them better. They will see service as the foundation for growth and excellence.


Our students will grow in all areas of their lives. They will develop a passion for learning and continuous improvement. They will make learning an integral part of their lives.


Our students will set challenging goals for themselves and strive to realize their own potential. They will put in their best in everything they do.

School Crest

Circular Shape: Signifies the school's commitment to providing an all-round education
Signifies the school's emphasis on the passion for learning
Balanced Weights Signifies the balance between intellectual and other domains of development
Represents the CCKS spirit captured in the school motto: Serve, Grow and Excel
Green Colour : Represents the growth and vitality of our school