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Principal's Message

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Serve, Grow, Excel

As Singapore celebrates its 50th year of independence in 2015, we are reminded that our nation’s success does not come by chance and hope. Our forefathers and pioneers of Singapore had put in a lot of hard work to bring us to where we are today. They had made huge sacrifices and showed great resilience in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles and challenges. The fortitude they showed is admirable. Let us show our gratitude to our unsung heroes, learn from them and build on the success.

In the same way, former staff and students of Chua Chu Kang Secondary School had put in much effort to build a good reputation for the school. We want to thank them for all their work. Let the school motto - Serve, Grow, Excel – guide us as we chart a new path forward. Success can only come from a compelling vision, an unquenchable passion and an enduring diligence. The road to success will not be easy but can be achieved by conscious effort to improve each and every day, moving forward relentlessly even if the way forward is tough going. It is in such difficult situations that our character is developed and true champions emerge. Persevere and stride forward, one step at a time, and believe in yourself.

Dear students, an all-rounded development and achievement are what you should be aiming for. Push yourself to achieve the best you can in your studies and do well also in your character development through various programmes that the school provides for you. In everything you do, put in your best effort. Take pride in your work, make your parents proud and make your teachers and school proud. Your teachers will work just as hard if not more to support you in your quest for success. They care for your well-being and want you to succeed as much as you do. Your success is their best reward. Together we can achieve our school vision of a dynamic community of lifelong learners and confident leaders. I wish you success in all your endeavours in 2015 and in the years ahead.

Mr Tan Keng Joo