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School's Outreach to Primary Schools

Learning Festival

CCKSS welcomed with open arms nearly 700 students from primary schools in the area for this year’s Learning Festival, held on 30 October 2013. The objective of the Learning Festival is to provide Primary 6 students with a better understanding of the programmes offered in CCKSS through their participation in the activities organised by the different departments and special committees in our school. This year’s Learning Festival saw the participation of CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace, Greenridge, Westview, Teck Whye, Zhenghua and Southview Primary Schools.

The students immersed themselves in each learning station filled with interesting activities such as playing detective, conducting laboratory experiments, solving mind-boggling Mathematical puzzles and even sandwich-making! 

All in all, the Primary 6 students had a fun and educational morning. We look forward to them choosing CCKSS as their second home for the next four or five years.


Open House

With the release of the PSLE results, it was time once again for Primary 6 students to choose a secondary school that could serve them best in the next phase of their education. CCKSS opened its doors to the public in November each year for the annual CCKSS Open House. This event was designed to allow prospective students of the school as well as their parents an opportunity to get to know the school better and understand the various programmes, activities and academic options that they could look forward to in CCKSS.

Preparations begun weeks in advance and this is a testimony of the pride that members of the school population take to ensure the success of the event. Everybody chipped in and played their part to welcome our visitors with open arms and provide them with the warm hospitality of the school culture and environment.

Acting as school ambassadors to our visitors, CCKSS prefects did a wonderful job of guiding them around the school premises and sharing with them useful information about the school. Our visitors were also directed to the various information booths and CCA stations set up all around the school to equip them with useful knowledge of what the school had to offer.

It was a successful and meaningful day for the entire school community and this would not have been possible without the efforts and teamwork of every member of the school community. We hope that our visitors had as much fun as we did and we look forward to welcoming these prospective students as part of the CCKSS family.