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Prefectorial Board


Head Prefect Leck Sherri, Lovewell S3/6
Vice Head Prefect New Boon Xin S3/6
Executive Committee Muhammad Aqil
Yong Sean
Divya Pandey
Chan Wei Xi, Darren

The School's Prefectorial Board comprises a body of student leaders elected by their teachers for their exemplary conduct.  Not only are these students role models, they are also servant leaders.  They help the school in various programmes and activities like parents-teachers-meeting, Speech Day, orientations etc.  They also play a disciplinary roles and help to remind fellow students of their conduct and behaviours.  Outside, they are emissaries of the school and the tie is symbolic of that status endowed upon them.
The prefects are trained in Everyday Leadership, Leadership Challenge, Project Management Skills and Service Learning to ensure their potentials are maximised and they are equipped with the necessary skills to carry out their duties.
These students did not disappoint and 4 members obtained the EAGLES Award while another 6 received the SINGA award.  For the Service Award category, 3 prefects received Distinction, 4 obtained Merit and another 9 received Appreciation.  These clearly showed that the Prefectorial Board plays a crucial role in nurturing our student leaders.

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