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Class Committee

Student Leadership - Class Committee Structure

1. Objectives

(a) to develop and promote class identity and class spirit. 
(b) to develop and foster care, concern and co-operation among classmates.
(c) to help plan activities for school functions
(d) to provide a link between teachers and classmates and assist inadministrative tasks
(e) to create and cultivate a healthy, wholesome, congenial and conduciveclass learning culture

2. Organizational Structure of Class Committee

class comm structure.jpg

3. Duties of Class Committee Members

A handout highlighting clear scope of duties and responsibilities of each member of the Class Committee will be distributed to the staff and students.

Identification, Observation and Appointment Process of Student Leaders

Students selected for the higher rungs of leadership positions (e.g. Prefects, CCA Leaders, Class Committee) should be put through an observation period before they are officially appointed. During the observation period, such students should be given specific task or projects where the various leadership behaviours can be exhibited.
identify class comm.jpg

Observation Period

All Class Committees will undergo an Observation Period which will last for 8 weeks. During this period, the FT/ST will observe the various Monitors and Representatives as they carry out their responsibilities. FT/ST may choose to provide certain tasks or projects for the Class Committee to work on. Their effectiveness and/or efficiency and be tested.

FT/ST will also use this period to highlight to the students should they be found wanting in certain aspects.
In the course of the Observation Period, students deemed to be unsuitable will be removed and replacements will be put in place.

Investiture Ceremony

Names of Class Committee are to be finalized and submitted at the end of the Observation Period. Investiture Ceremony will be held.