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Learning for Life Programme

Learning for Life Programme (LLP): 

Raising Leaders of Tomorrow

Chua Chu Kang Secondary School’s niche for the Learning for Life Programme (LLP) is in Youth and Community Leadership. Guided by the school’s vision and mission, the focus is to develop CCKSians with the necessary lifeskills to be responsible and contributing citizens of the future. We want every CCKSian to be responsible leaders who can lead themselves and others. To this end, the school approach is set forth in 3 stages – Equipping, Exposure and Developmental. 

Equipping our student leaders via a two-tiered approach comes first and foremost. At the first tier, all students attend courses on Everyday Leadership with specific foci at different grade levels. At the second tier, training is customised for specific student leader groups – Prefects, Class Committees, National Education (NE) Ambassadors, Cyber-wellness Ambassadors and Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) Leaders. The core programme for all student leaders is Service Learning, providing opportunities for student leaders to work in teams to serve others, and to demonstrate their leadership potential. 

Exposure takes the form of learning from others and through student-initiated service learning projects in school and beyond. Our student leaders will understudy senior leaders in school or other schools to embark on community outreach projects. They will also leverage external partners, such as the People Association Youth Movement for training and mentoring opportunities and apply their learning to initiate service learning projects in school and the community, and even in overseas service learning trips. 

The approach is both developmental and progressive. Different leadership foci are delineated for various grade levels, so that CCKSians take charge of their own learning and development on this leadership journey. To track their own growth, student leaders will self-assess, and seek peer and teacher assessment of the leadership qualities they have demonstrated, then chart their own leadership development, working towards embodying the qualities and values of a CCKSS Leader. Outstanding student leaders are given due recognition through the LEAPS 2.1 and Student Leadership Awards.